Coordinator - Administrator Instructions for Healthy Communities - Groups


Participate in good condition and healthy communication

Healthy Communities - Groups are those in which the Participants Participate in good faith and with the Good Condition for their members. It is not appropriate to attack your Members. Communities - Groups are active, in relation to their size and purpose, and where they are not, they are open to ideas and Leadership that can make them more Active.

Managing your own Community - Team.

Coordinators - Administrators are important to the ILikeStars Platform.

Community - Group Descriptions:

Describe what your Community is so that all users can find what they are looking for on the Website.

Clear, Concise and Consistent Instructions:

Healthy Communities - Groups Have Agreed on Clear, Comprehensive and Consistent Guidelines for Participation. These Guidelines are flexible enough to allow for some deviation and are updated when needed. Secret Guidelines are not fair to your members. Transparency is important for the Platform.

Fixed and Active Coordinator-Administrator Groups:

Healthy Communities - Groups have Coordinators - Administrators who are close by to answer questions from their Community - Group and to contact the Administrators.

Linking With A Trademark:

We love that so many of you want to talk about Brands or Your Business about your Interests. So we give you the License to create your Business Team to inform about the News and evolution of your Business only if you Advertise on the ILikeStars or Doitshope Platform.

Using Email:

Give us an Email address to contact you. Although not always required.


Healthy Communities - Groups allow proper discussion and communication between members and Administrator - Coordinator. Members' appeals for various actions that may annoy some members should be taken seriously. The Coordinators - Administrators must respond to the calls of their members, for the correct and healthy environment Communication of their Team, in short to respond to the issues of their Members who work through Communication and not punishment.


  • Remember the Content Policy.

You are required to comply with our Content Policy.


  • Management of multiple Communities.

We know that Managing Multiple Communities - Groups can be difficult, but we expect you to manage your Communities - Groups as isolated Communities - Groups and not use a set of Community Rules to ban a user from another Community - Group.


  • Respect the Platform.

ILikeStars may, in its sole discretion, intervene to take control of a Community - Group when it believes it is in the interest of the Community - Group or the Website. This rarely happens (e.g., a Top Coordinator - Administrator leaves a thriving Community - Team), but when this happens, our goal is to keep the platform alive and bring it to life in its interests, as well as to ensure that Community - Group can reach people who are interested in this Community - Group. Finally, when administrators contact you, we ask that you respond within a reasonable time.

In the event of a report by members of a Coordinating Group - Administrators who consistently violate the above guidelines, ILikeStars may take steps to address the issues - sometimes or by clear communication with the Coordinator - Administrator Group, but these actions could include dropping the Administrators list, removing the Administrator status, and deleting an account. We hope that permanent action will never become necessary.