ILikeStars Content Policy


ILikeStars is a huge network of Communities created, run and completed by you ILikeStars Users.

Through these Communities, you can post, comment, vote, discuss, learn, discuss, support, and connect with people who share your interests, and we encourage you to find - or even create - your own your Team on ILikeStars.

Although not every Team can be for you (and you may find some unreliable or even offensive), no Team should be used as a weapon. Groups should create a sense of belonging to their Members, not try to diminish it for others. Likewise, everyone at ILikeStars should expect privacy and security, so respect the privacy and security of others.

Each ILikeStars Team is dependent on its Members. Some of their Members can help the Group's philosophy with original ideas and opinions. The culture of each Community is explicitly shaped by the Community Rules imposed by the Administrators, and indirectly, by the awards of its members and their comments on an interaction between them. Follow the Rules of the Groups you participate in and do not interfere with those of which you are not a member.

Below the Rules that exist in each Group are the Rules across the platform that apply to everyone on ILikeStars. These Rules are applied by us, the Administrators.

ILikeStars and its Groups are the only ones we do together and can only exist if we work with a common set of Rules. We ask you to observe not only the letter of these Rules, but also the spirit.

- Rules

Rule 1

Remember the man. ILikeStars is a place to create a Community and belongs to, not to attack marginalized or vulnerable Groups of people. Everyone has the right to use ILikeStars without harassment, intimidation or threats of violence. Communities and Users who incite violence or promote hatred based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

Rule 2

Respect the Privacy of others. Incitement to harassment is not permitted, for example by disclosing personal or confidential information. Never post or threaten to post an intimate or sexual expression of a person without his or her consent.

Rule 3

Do not post or encourage the posting of Sexually explicit or implied Content to Minors

Rule 4

You do not need to use your Real Name to use ILikeStars, but do not impersonate an Individual or an Entity in a misleading or misleading manner.

Rule 5

Make sure People have predictable experiences on ILikeStars by correctly identifying content and Communities, especially content that is Graphic, Sexual or Offensive.

Rule 6

Keep the Lawful and avoid posting illegal content or attracting or facilitating illegal or Prohibited Transactions.

Article 7

Do not break the Website and do not interfere with the normal use and principles of ILikeStars.


 We have various Ways of Enforcing our Rules, including but not limited to

 We ask you to report it

Temporary or Permanent Suspension of Accounts or Deletion.

Delete Privileges from Accounts or Add Restrictions to Accounts

Delete Content

Ban ILikeStars Groups.