Your Real Value - Super Like Stars

- What are Super Like Stars?
- Super Like Star or Super Like Stars is the one who in the social media space wants to become or be the Protagonist in this space. The Super Like Star is the one who promotes himself and knows how to manage his friends individually, if he wants it in the individual, friendly, team or public character that in doitliketakemoney gives him the opportunity to get his value from the very first friend he has without even needing someone (manager) for what he promotes through his activity! He is the one who in his daily life likes to promote and share sometimes the friendly, sometimes the group, sometimes the family, sometimes the professional or personal moments of his life with friends by posting either photos, or making a post or uploading a video from his personal channel!

- What is your Real Value?
- Your True Value is a game within the Doitliketakemoney game.
- How do you play?
- Just very simply Invite - Post - Receive - Share - I deserve !!!

A) Invite your friends to come with us to the game of doitliketakemoney Registration is FREE

B) You post your Photos, your Videos, your Posts on the doitliketakemoney page for your friends to see.

C) Get any Like2coins package you prefer among the 4 Like2coins packages available in
Page of doitliketakemoney and feel safe with your transaction the way they prefer
Millions of people in the world of social media through the PayPal system.

D) Share Like - Super Like - Mega Like thus rewarding the activities of their publications
Your friends and the members of the page that you can find and see, but the same is true
And to you by publishing your activities so that your friends can reward you
But also the members of the page who can find you.

Q) I deserve - you really see the value of each activity of your posts accordingly
From the Likes - Super Like and Mega Like that you were awarded by your friends and other members
The page that may have caught their interest.


Invite - Post - Receive - Share - I Deserve !!!





1) What are Like2coins?
- Like2coins are the cryptocurrencies of the doitliketakemoney game
2) How many Like2coins packages are there in the game?
- There are 4 different Like2coins packages that you can choose which one you need for your own
Your activities in the game.
3) Is it mandatory to get a Like2coins package?
- No it is not mandatory.
4) Where can I find and get a Like2coins package?
- To get a Like2coins package you must have registered on its page or at after you have registered
It is FREE then entering the Home page either from your computer or mobile
On your computer screen you will go to the LIKE2COINS PURCHASE Panel

Or you will click the Like2coins button at the bottom left of your screen and it will open
This tab.

Note: To receive a package you must have a PayPal account or open one
an account see instructions on how to open a PayPal account on our Home page at

5) What is a) Like? b) Super Like? c) Mega Like ?.
- It is the choices that you and your friends and the members of the page have to share and share the Like2coins that you have in your publishing activities, thus rewarding with your own and always their own criteria how many Like2coins that the Any posting activity you have or have posted on the Doitliketakemoney page is worth it.

6) What are the matches making a) 1 Like b) 1 Super Like and c) 1 Mega Like in Like2coins
- See the table below

Επιλογές Βράβευσης

Αντιστοίχηση σε Like2coins

Αντιστοίχηση σε Αξία

1 Like



1 Super Like



1 Mega Like



Reward Options Assign Like2coins Assign Value
1 Like 1 0.08 €
1 Super Like 5 € 0.40
1 Mega Like 21 € 1.68

7) Where can I find the Like2coins Award options to share or share with my friends and other members of the page?
- In any kind of activity that you post on the doitliketakemoney page by you or your friends or by the other Members at the bottom left of the post there are 3 stars in:
1st star is 1 Like the 2nd star is 1 Super Like and the 3rd star is 1 Mega Like

Note: You have the option to share Like2coins in the same post as many Likes - Super Likes - Mega Likes as you and your friends and members of the doitliketakemoney page want.